Monday, September 27, 2010

15 Artists...

There is a meme going around on Facebook right now. It's called "15 Artists Who Have Left an Impression". You can go to Facebook and find it probably instantly— perhaps 10 of your friends have already tagged you! Anyway, I always have such a hard time with these things. I am such a completist that I agonize over my choices... It's really just ridiculous. Consequently, I usually end up just avoiding these memes altogether, but this one I had to take part in. First of all, I got so many tags to join in that I simply could not ignore it. Then of course, all of those invites got me to really thinking about some of my biggest influences ever. I did end up writing my list of 15, but for every one of the names on the list there are a few others who *should* also be on the list. So the completist in me is rearing it's head yet again!

If you have done the meme, I am sure you feel the same! If not, what are you waiting for? Join in the fun conversations this meme is spurring (and also join me in my own personal agony... ha ha.)

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Gina Perry said...

Oh, I've been dodging this meme too! But feeling like I SHOULD do it already. I have such a hard time thinking 'quickly' about it. It seems like the type of thing you want to mull over. Thanks for sharing!