Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gary and Ray

Many moons ago, I was very in love with printmaking. I tried lithography in college but really found the stone preparation exhausting. I stuck with linocut for many years, well past college. I actually have a beautiful press from my husband that sits unused. I still love the look it creates, but just have no patience for the process anymore.

Gary and Ray is such a beautifully illustrated book, and Sarah Adams, my new favorite printmaker. I've been staring at each page, trying to see all the layers, and how she may have created these lush pages. She uses the medium to such great effect - Gary goes from sadness, to fear, to joy, to love - and those expressive cut lines and rich black ink bring him to life.

The story is charming - and my little boy now understands family, not just 'Mama', 'Daddy', 'Baby'.
I can't wait to see what's next from Sarah. I know I'll be waiting. And looking for this other book:

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