Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Favorite Illustrators- Christopher Denise

I thought I would post about one of my favorite illustrators today, Christopher Denise.

Christopher works wonders in my opinion.... His characters are not only adorable and endearing but also very much alive in his skecthes as well as in his books.

Light, atmosphere, movement and telling of time are always present in his work.

One of the things I admire the most about his work is how his settings are like characters in a book. They are always powerful and important and play a mayor role in his work. I find his art to be so beautiful and theatrical, like a little masterpiece hold together in between covers of a book.

Visit his website to see more of his work. He also has a blog filled with sketches and beautiful art for you to drool over. I know I do every time I visit. :o)


Diane Duda said...

Love! I got to hold "If I Could" in my hands not long ago.
When my son's girlfriend heard that I bought myself "The Quiet Book", she brought this one over for me to see.
Loved it. Can't wait to go visit his site. Thanks for sharing.

Alicia Padrón said...

I love the quiet book too! Renata is amazing.
Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for visiting Diane! :o)

Phyllis Harris said...

Oh Alicia! I have been a fan of Christopher's for years!! In fact my sweet hubby got me a signed copy of "Oliver Finds His Way" one Christmas AND one of his originals as well! I will try to post a picture some time of the wall once I get a couple more pieces framed. Thanks for sharing this!

Alicia Padrón said...

Ah.. lucky you Phyllis! Your hubby is sweet indeed. I bet that wall will look amazing. :o)

Alicia Padrón said...
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