Thursday, July 1, 2010

PBJ Summer Postcard Week!

Can you believe it's July 1st already? Perfect time for a little summer postcard, right?

This little monkey took a long time hanging around my head to get on paper! I sketched a few ideas for our postcard, then used my awesome Twitter pals to get some feedback. Then I painted him, just my usual gouache on hotpress, but thinking I would add a little colored pencil and perhaps ink. I had been experimenting with cut paper, layering a bit. I painted the whole thing and shared it with a critique group - they put a bug in my ear about cutting the monkey out, and layering him. And they were so right!

I did learn that it's best to cut your shapes BEFORE painting, as gouache flakes around the edges. The colored pencil and some touch-up covered up a few rough spots. Also, I worked at actual size which meant the little birdie poking out of the hole in the tree was REALLY small to manage. I used the end of an x-acto to position him just so. I'm sure there are tiny tweezers that collage artists use for things like this.

I painted the background sky on coldpress, which gives it a bit more texture, and those awesome 'real' shadows. Photoshop drop-shadows just can't compete with the real thing. I wish I took more process photos along the way to show, next time I create in this style I definitely will.


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

You know? I cannot see this without smiling.. just can't. The whole piece makes me happy! It's so fun, cute and so you Gina!

I love it to pieces.. that are cut and then painted of course ;o).

Tamara Henderson said...

He is adorable and looks so content hanging from his tree! The colors and the cut paper you used looks wonderful!

Maria Bogade said...

This is just lovely!!!!!

roz said...

I am so in deep like with this new style you're developing, Gina. You're right, there's nothing that can compare to natural shadows.

Anonymous said...

How cute!