Thursday, July 22, 2010

Link Love: The Tools Artists Use

I recently discovered The Tools Artists Use, and it's a treasure trove of information and eye candy. It was so fun to read about one of my favorite artists (below), Natascha Rosenberg, and the materials she uses. Visit Natascha's site and her blog for more lovelies.

It's those extra images of materials, and process, that really capture my attention. We all have our comfortable old pencil or brush, and the best thing about this site is that they actually take the time to break down their materials and provide links if you want to give them a try yourself.

I love these pictures of Irina Troitskaya's workspace. Visit her site, here. Visit her blog, here.


Diandra Mae said...

If process photos are my favorite, studio/tool shots come in at a close second. I agree that TAU is a fab-o website. They're on Twitter, too!

Thx for sharing, Gina!

Nina Crittenden said...

Cool, Gina! I'll have to check out all your links!
New Hampshire??? ;) hee hee

Deb said...

Ok, I can see I'm going to get NOTHING done today!
Cool that kind of stuff. Thanks Gina!

Natascha Rosenberg said...

Thank you Gina! I'm happy you like my work. Thans for the post!

Gina Perry said...

So glad you ladies liked the link - definitely a place to lose time!

Natascha - Very happy to show your lovely work anytime!