Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Wonder Book

Hm, how do I describe this fabulous book to you all and serve it justice? I'm going to let author Amy Krouse Rosenthal tell you because it's just plain cute and sums it up perfectly. This is on the front flap of the book:

Hello All,

Inside you will find stories, short poems, lists, palindromes, word games and random observations. Some parts are happy, some sad-ish, some silly, some serious, some crunchy, some soft in the center.

This book is full of stuff I've always wondered about...
- Did Miss Mary Mack have friends who liked other colors?
- Who hid something under the tooth fairy's pillow when she was a little girl.
- How do moms always know when you're about to sneak a cookie?
- Could everything important about the world be summarized in a poem that rhymes?

You can open the book anywhere and read. So the beginning could be the end, and the end could be the beginning. But I guess the middle is always the middle.

signed- Amy K. R

PS. Aren't Paul's drawings the best?!

Yes they are!! Paul Schmid's loose child like ink drawings are just screaming out to be colored. I can tell you if I had this book as a child I would be pulling out the colored pencils for sure. But as an adult I will just pour over the images over and over because they have so much life and movement in them. Sometimes I'm convinced they are actually moving- they are that animated.

I enjoyed this book so much that it's going as my sidebar pick for May as soon as I get off my "duff" and change it out. =o)


Gina Perry said...

That looks (and sounds) fantastic Roz! I did say I needed to read everything by Amy Krouse Rosenthal too...

Ryan Colucci said...

I agree Gina... Sounds great!


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

This looks awesome!!