Friday, May 7, 2010

Jack E. Davis

I like to dig through my children's books and find fun books to post and am always shocked at how old some of the copyright dates are. "Mary Louise Loses Her Manners" is just one of those books. Even though this book was published ten years ago, it seems like I just bought it yesterday. Illustrated by the fabulous Jack E. Davis, I think the book holds up because Davis' illustration style has been so consistent thoughout the years. If you like colored pencil, this is the guy to learn from. I love how he uses so much color but it never seems over the top or garish. And the subtle shading on his character's faces are really beautiful. You can see a rainbow's worth on color on one face if you look really closely.

The story was written by Diane Cuneo, and is a hilarious take on losing your manners. Once Mary Louise realizes she has paid no attention to her manners and they have run away, she begins a search for them that takes her on a journey around her neighborhood. And, of course, she ends up making more trouble every place she goes!

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to visit everyday next week as the PBJ's will be reviewing books from Peachtree Publishers.....with some cool giveaways!

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