Friday, May 28, 2010

Creaky Old House

I received this adorable book last week from my neighbor, Lori, and her kids, Nate and Jack, to cheer me up after my dog died. And it sure did bring a smile to my face! If you've ever embarked on a home renovation project, you will totally be able to relate to this very funny tale of a large family and their beloved home. Written completely in rhyme, this is a story about a small fixit project that grows into a complete house remodel.

Author Linda Ashman and illustrator Michael Chesworth are a perfect match to tell this story. There is a character for every member of the family to relate to and a darling surprise ending.

When a screw falls out of a doorknob, and a replacement cannot be found, the story takes off on a fast paced adventure to replace the doorknob and then the door and then the doorframe.....

"But then," said John, "the couch won't fit.
We'll have to shift that wall a bit."
"Fine," said Lou, "but if we do,
we'll have to move the stairway, too."

Well, you can see where this is all going....The characters are brought to life by Chesworth's whimisical drawings. The paintings were created in ink, watercolor and pencil on Arches hot- press watercolor paper. You can see more of Michael Chesworth's illustrations on his website Even his website url is creative!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

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Ride Operator said...

Glad you liked it. It's going to make me practice my rhyming.