Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's on my desk and under it.

I'm busy at the moment working on a board book. Deadline is close and I'm at the painting stage. My tiny studio is crazy right now. So I thought to myself, what a perfect moment to invite people in and see my mess! Right?

So here is the table with my light box that I love. I'm right handed (although I think I might of been born left handed but let's leave that for another post) so I work with all my painting supplies on my right hand side.

I have two lamps on each side. My work space is very little and dark so I really need those.

There is a small mirror that I use sometimes to make sure of an expression I want to draw. But mostly I just get spooked by my own reflection and messy hair.

I work with several water mugs, helps my watercolor colors stay clean and bright.

That little guy you see in the back, the one with the snorkel mask is my cute penguin assistant, he holds my favorite brushes for me. Don't tell him I told you, but he really is a toothbrush holder.. he doesn't know this. He wants to be an artist someday. I bought him and told him he would have an art future with me. ;o)

There are 3 sets of watercolor pans. 2 Yarka and 1 Van Gogh. I particularly love the Yarka colors, really bright.

This is lucky cat. Lucky cat has been very good to me and brings me book projects.
I got her in San Francisco at the, get this, 99 cent dollar store in Japan town. Are you with me? 99 cents for all japanese adorable and unique stuff! I was there all morning and came out broke. I had spent 20 bucks and was carrying a bag full of goodies. ;o)

This is what's under my desk. And look there is Lucy! :o)
You can't tell from here but lately with this heat under there live around 2000 mosquitos. Yay... So much fun to apply mosquito repellent every morning.

And this is a reading nook I have in the studio. I like to take little breaks from work and basically just lay there and read. Lucy likes it too. She particularly likes that the puff has a hole and tiny white styrofoam balls fly out and fall everywhere. You'll see some on her on the pic below.

And here she is reading.

Hope you enjoyed my messy studio. Now I need get back to painting!


Nina Crittenden said...

I love your space! We are lamp twins! I have the same ott light and also keep it to my left, and I'm a righty but keep my paints to my right (need to try that Yarka paint now!!!). We also have the same little lightbox. Your doxie is really cute! Happy Painting!!!

Tineke Meirink said...

Love to have a look in other peoples workspaces. Looks cosy and really organised.And I just love Lucy (where did I hear that one before?). Love, Tineke Meirink.

Little Green Doll said...

Lucy is adorable!! so nice!! your studio seems very comfortable to work in!

Deb said...

Well, your workspace looks pretty organized to me! Compared to the chaotic mess I usually work in..... Lucy is soooo cute!! I had to look up dachshund ears today for my book and I should have just looked at Lucy!

Tom Barrett said...

Always neat to see others workspace. I like your color swatches on the walls. What a great reference. I will be making one for my set, and maybe trying out some Yarka colors when I have some extra cash!

Alicia Padrón said...

Thanks Nina! Glad we are lamp twins :o)
Happy painting to you as well!

Haha Tineke, well there is also a Ricky in this house. ;o) I love looking into other artist's workspaces too.

Thank you Little green doll. It is tiny and not enough light but it's all mine, so I can't complain. :o)

Hee thanks Deb! Lucy can model for you anytime ;o)

Hi Tom! Sure you should try them. I believe there are four different color sets out there. Really yummy colors :o)

Dawn said...

I loved seeing your space! I bet you get tons done in there! Wonderful!

Alicia Padrón said...

Thanks Dawn! Well mostly in the mornings when kids are at school ;o)

roz said...

Aww, look at Lucy. What a little treasure. I love your space and that you have a little reading nook for yourself. And I really LOVE how you created such a wonderful life for your penguin. =o))

Gina Perry said...

It's a beautiful mess Ali! So many fun things to look at. I love that you have watercolor swatches hanging up. I always mean to do that with my paints... Lucy is adorable! Boo on mosquitos, we get marsh mosquitos where I live and they'll get you through jeans so I feel your pain (but not yet, still too early here).

Alicia Padrón said...

Thank you Rozzie!
Yes, penguin is very happy and he makes me happy every time I see him. So we are good for each other. :o)

Haha thanks Gina now I feel better about my mess. :o) The color swatches are really useful. I use them as a guide all the time. I have them numbered with the real colors too so I always know which one is which.
And Boo! on mosquitos, I agree...

Tamara Henderson said...

thank you for sharing your workspace now I want to go paint something! Lucy is sooo cute! My dog is always under my desk while I'm working.

Alicia Padrón said...

Thanks Tamara! Love your avatar. Very cute! :o)

Kathy Weller said...

SO cute!! I love to see your space, and your cute doggie too. So I'm not the only one with weird lighting! I have lamps galore in here. YOur space is cozy-cute! :)

Kathy Weller said...
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Alicia Padrón said...

Thanks Kathy! And I think I still think I need more lamps just have no where to put them, lol. :o)