Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chew on this kid!

This weekend I got to splurge on new books for my 1 yr. old thanks to a nice birthday gift card to our local indie bookstore, RiverRun. They have a small section for children but it is densely packed with excellent choices.
I found Wiggle!March! on a display with a few other titles of "Indestructibles". Published by Workman Publishing, they are essentially Tyvek books that are, as advertised: "Chew proof, Rip proof, non-toxic, 100% washable". Genius!!! (Visit the Indestructibles website for the charming story of how a mother of triplets created these.)
At $4.95, it's a great investment, even for older kids. My son loves the thinner pages - like a picture book that mommy doesn't have to protect! The art, by Kaaren Pixton, is also lovely: rich and painterly. All titles are wordless. They just came out last fall so I thought it would be nice to share something technically 'new'.


S Glennon said...

I love it! Richly colored illustrations in picture books make ME go gaga - oh, and my 18 mo. old loves them too!

roz said...

oohhh, I want this! How clever and smart.

Jonas Sickler said...

I can't wait until my first three books are available for purchase. Kaaren's illustrations look amazing on the pages, and I think that mine will look awesome too!

Jonas Sickler