Monday, December 29, 2008

New year's resolution

As I am typing this, I am sitting under a palm tree watching the sun go down, my favorite time of day.  I will be spending New year's eve barefoot in the sand. Not bad at all, right?

I thought about this week's topic and is not easy to analize and think about what it is that we really need, want or need to work on.

Personally, I need to organize myself (regarding my time) better and in a more efficient way. I truly love what I do and spend a lot of my time researching, brainstorming, drawing and painting. I tend to scatter everything during all hours of the day.

I think I need to work out a schedule to work at home so I can imagine I'm going "to the office", so to speak, and work uninterrupted during school hours. Even days when there is not much to do I still should go in my studio and not get out till is time to pick up kids. This is easier said than done but I really think I should benefit from this.

I can then have better quality time with my family when they are home. That's what is all about right?

I hope you all have a wonderful new year full of happy things, goals to reach and people to hug :0)


roz said...

What a lovely and unique Christmas you have, Ali!
Hope you are enjoying your new toy!
I've heard Iphones are very cool!
Now I want one. =o)

Alicia Padrón said...

Thanks Rozzie, I really am enjoying my new toy :o)
It has so many features, It changes everything regarding cel phones. You should get one, I am in love already :o)

Gina Perry said...

Oh, what a lovely view for the holidays! I think ignoring the 'household' is the hardest part about physically working from the home. Having a schedule is a great idea - I wish you luck in jumping into a new routine for the new year!!!