Monday, November 17, 2008

First Snow

One of the things I miss the most living here in Texas is the magic of that first snowfall of the season. When you wake up to the world transformed by ice and snow, gleaming like crystal gems, the last of the fall leaves shine like bright berries sprinkled with powdered sugar.

I miss that kind of quiet. A field in the country, hearing your footsteps as you crunch through the top layer of snow. And then there were the times when everyone came together for sledding, snowball fights, and getting creative with building snowmen. I hope kids today get to enjoy those same simple pleasures. I hope we encourage our kids to unplug and experience those old fashioned wonders. And most of all, I hope as adults, we give ourselves the time to enjoy those small moments again.

A little first snow magic...


Gina Perry said...

Thanks for sharing great memories of first snow and childhood Heather! I love this illo and the little spots underneath.

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Woa, this is very powerful Heather. I love the black and white of your technique and the fact that he is facing backwards.

Oh and the video was awesome. Too bad it was only part one, but I know they are too long to post. Wonderful illustrations :o)