Friday, September 12, 2008

pbj choice

I made this illustration for an Illustration Friday, the topic was "save".

I learned some useful things out of this little illustration. I remember I was busy in the middle of working on a book but I didn't want to disappear for that long, specially since I'd made the goal of trying to participate weekly on illustration friday. So I decided to just put aside the book for a sec and grabbed a small piece of scrap watercolor paper and without thinking much went right in and sketched on it lightly on the paper. I had the image in my head, of me as a kid, saving little birds. I did that many times, some with happy endings lots of others not so much :o(

After I had the sketch down I began applying watercolor very loose and quickly. At the end I was happy with it.

I learned that sometimes it is good to change projects, even if it is just for an hour, it helps keep you motivated and I think it clears the mind a bit. I also think that to work a subject based on personal experiences, whenever it applies of course, is very helpful and really adds to a piece. And the last thing I learned from this is, is never throw away those little pieces of scrap paper.. you never know what little treasure can end up there.

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