Friday, September 26, 2008

I Love You All year Round celebration! day 4

So, continuing with the process..

After I received the pop-up mock ups I had to start working on the final color art for all the spreads. For a pop-up spread what I had to do is first render the flat background alone and then I had to individually illustrate each pop-piece separately. For example the head was one piece, the body and tail another etc... That was a little different I confess, I'm used to illustrating a complete character not in pieces but after seeing the book all together it really works and the pop-ups look wonderful!

I work with watercolors and this part of the process is my favorite one. I just put on some music and let my mind go.. no thinking just enjoying the moment and feeling the paint. I really love that!

When they are done, the spreads are scanned and I add details in photoshop. I sent those for final approval and I got a big and happy OK! And then months passed by.. until finally the package arrived I opened it up and there it was I Love You All Year Round, a pop-up book, written by Shella Shubuck, illustrated by me.. and let me just say there is no better feeling really! :o)

Remember tomorrow is the last day for submitting your entry, 
and Sunday I will post the winner of the book.

Thank you all for visiting, reading the blog and participating. 
I loved sharing this with all of you!


Gina Perry said...

Thanks for sharing so much about your project Alicia! I was looking through the Fall'08 Children's PW again today and saw your book there, in a really nice full page for Piggy Toes Press. They do a great job with their advertising, and it was fun to see your book so well placed!

Alicia Padrón said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my little tid bits about the illustration process Gina. Thanks for sharing that, I have to check it out. They do advertise really well and I really have to say thy were wonderful to work with :o)