Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Love You All year Round celebration! day 2

Hi, this is day 2 of the celebration and I'm so happy with all the lovely art that has arrived.

Thank you Agnieszka!

Don't forget to check what Gina and Roz
love all year round.

**continuation of the process of illustrating this book**

After having the characters down, it was time to think and sketch all the spreads. I usually doodle really small and make lots of thumbnails. So I did until I worked a storyboard. This book, as the title suggests, deals with all the seasons of the year so it was a wonderful opportunity to have lovely spreads with different colors and moods for every season.

I really had so much fun thinking what the characters could be doing on each spread. In this case the text is very suggestive, so for the illustrations, I had to find a balance between what the text said but also add a little bit of my own visual story. This is a pop up book, but at that point I wasn't worrying about that, I wanted to first lay down the overall sense of the story and the look of the whole book.

... to be continued tomorrow

"apart from loving my husband all year round, I love reading"

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Mônica said...

Oh, that's lovely, two things that I absolutely love to do all year arount too! I love her comfy pose!