Friday, August 22, 2008

Postcard Mailer- back to school

After we agreed on the "back to school" theme, I began thinking on school scenes and school related situations. A few minutes later, this image popped in my head.

Who doesn't immediately think of a row of bunnies on their way to their first day of school, right? And If you look closely at mama bunny, you'll see why I think I'm projecting a bit ;o)

I also pictured this image as a spread on a book so I thought of adding this text:

One by one they waved good-bye
back to school is always fun!

but then I realized, that even though our postcard is oversized, it wouldn't read well. So I decided not to include the text.

So here they are, from right to left:

Sporty Bobby, Sleepy Bella, shy Ryan, big sis Lucy, baby Timmy and of course Mom and Dad.


roz said...

Adorable, Ali. I'd love to see you develop this into a picturebook.
I'm the bunny that would be yawning as she walks to school. Great touch!

patrice said...

Awww....... sweet, Ali! Beautiful washes! Love how the sunrise is washing over the landscape and bunnies- like a big warm hug.

Alicia Padrón said...

Thank you! Hee, hee I'll be like her too Rozzie.. with the dress inside out and everything! ;o)

Oh, thank you Patty!! I wanted to convey that morning warm sunshine :o)