Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Have you ever made your own Cinnamon Playdough? How about Whipped Soap Flakes? Or maybe some Clean Mud or Shaving Cream Paint? Sound fun? Well, then this is the book for you:

Make your own Playdough, Paint, and Other Craft Materials, by Patricia Caskey.

It truly is a treasure trove of craft recipes and projects (over 100!! ) all using common household ingredients. There's even a chapter titled Goop and Glop. What child could resist checking out a recipe for Goop? And of course, I'll be standing right next to that child peeking over their shoulder, because I can't resist this stuff either. (sheepish grin)

I had the pleasure of illustrating this book of craftiness. The blue illustration (above) is from the book - It's a photo holder made from pipe cleaners, string, and homemade playdough.

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Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

No! I've never made my own Cinnamom Playdough! Nor shaving cream paint!!
Gosh I'm not into anything lately!!

Well... got to get this book then! Plus is so lovely illustrated :o)

This is awesome, what a great idea Patty :o)