Monday, June 2, 2008


ACEO's are pretty darn crafty...

I've been doing a few of them lately (ACEO's, that is -- it stands for Artists Cards - Editions and Originals) and they are fun to create, and a nice outlet. Perfect for me because crafty-wise because it's a sort of crafty thing to do, but it is still drawing and painting, and I don't knit. :)

This one is not painted in yet, but I call it "Wild West Doggies". Or maybe I should call it "Get Along, Little Doggies". Well, either way, it's doggie - focused and it's wild-west fun. Enjoy!


patrice barton said...

Kathy, love this!! All the western details are too too fun! Love their somber faces too- no one smiles in those old photos! And the little poodle in front of the saloon -reminds me of Miss Kitty - but I bet that's not HER name! hee!

Looking forward to seeing this in color!
ACEO- very cool idea!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Og ma gosh! Love the poodle Kathy!! Hee.. hee look at them! How fun with those hats :o)