Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Studio pic

My studio space is in the room that connects the living room to the kitchen. I think it's intended to be a dining room but there's enough space in the kitchen for a dining table so I claimed this space as my own. (This picture was taken last year when I was in the thick of an assignment.)

Usually I spend my time at this table gluing and sewing pieces of fabric together.

But lately, I've been over on the other side creating my felt illustrations on the computer. I am really enjoying it and I especially love the easy clean up. =o)
(You can see the finished illustration on my blog)

When we retire from the military moving, I'm planning on a little outdoor studio.
Here are some examples of ones that inspire me...

http://www.marlafrazee.com/ (click on the moon)


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Thanks for sharing Roz!! I love seeing where you work..

I particularly love the cow jumping over the moon you have there! Adorable, and the moon with the sleeping little hat.. aww. too cute :o)

Well, now I want one of those outdoor studios too!!!! Gosh.. how lovely.. Kidding aside I always wanted one of those also. I picture mine with french doors everywhere, very open.. overlooking the gardens (and the hot gardener next door...he, he kidding) and dogs laying around on every spot available!

I really loved all those links, specially the first one. Beautiful place :o)

roz said...

Me too, Ali! I imagine my studio with french doors opening out to a lovely cobbled walk way. LOVELY!

patrice barton said...

Lovely space, Roz! Great windows, wonderful room! And it never hurts to have your very own pirate guarding it all, hee hee!

The outdoor studio links, oh my. Love them all! So nice to dream!!!

roz said...

Thanks, Patty!
Yes, my pirate keeps great guard. It's about as close as I'll ever get to Johnny Depp. =O)