Monday, April 28, 2008

Now, I see clearly

I've had a little breathing room of late, something I have not had in quite awhile. There are always 1,000 projects waiting desperately for "down time". Projects that need to get done. Revising my web site, updating other online portfolios with newer material and working on my children's portfolio art work are but a few of them. But sometimes I just need to stop. These days, I so rarely do some art work for myself, with nothing else relying on it but my own creativity. I sketch for myself, sure, but I can't remember the last time I completed a piece of work, just because it's fun. So this week, I started doing some paintings in acrylic, a medium I have not used in years but one I used to use a lot and loved it a lot. So we are getting reacquainted. I just completed paintings #4 and 5 tonight.

I think my spurt of creating work just for myself fits this week's theme very well. I especially like how this cat fits the bill. It's the first little painting I finished (Sunday 4/27) and the image says it all. A pensive, thoughtful cat with big black eyes. Kind of funny, this cat does not look like my typical cat at all. I was surprised by this cat. But it's a nice cat, and the cat does seem to be communicating something through his eyes.

I hope you enjoy. If you would like to see the second painting I completed, please check it out here.

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roz said...

I'm so glad that you are taking some time to do something fun. It is such a release, isn't it?