Monday, March 17, 2008

Theme- Lesson Learned

One of the major lessons I've learned so far is to make sure to know the amount of "bleed" a client wants for their final art. I had to learn the hard way not to make assumptions.

I was working on a project a couple of years ago where I wasn't given the bleed measurements but decided to go with the general 1/4'' . WRONGO.
It turned out that they needed 1/2 inch bleed all the way around and it made for a nightmare project since I work with felt. The AD was very stressed , insisting that she had sent me the bleed requirements that I hadn't followed.

Had she? No.

I didn't make an issue of it because I felt that I should have contacted her when I didn't receive the info. More importantly, I would have had an email trail to fall back on if there was a conflict.
Now I make sure to do this if it isn't provided. Most often I'm told , "Oh, just a 1/4" will be fine", but I don't want to take it for granted after that experience.

Lesson Learned.


Anonymous said...

ug. why do some lessons have to be learned the hard way? thanks for sharing, roz!


roz said...

Funny, isn't it?
I feel like I really grow more from adversity but it's not any fun.