Friday, February 29, 2008


I'll take one illustration with everything. Oh wait...hold the pickles, please.


princesstomato said...

this is great, janee!
hey, didn't you say you used to teach skating lessons?


janee said...

Thanks, Teri!
Yes I did teach roller skating when I was in high school. You've got a good memory for those blog questions!

teri said...

well...i think i remembered cuz i LOVE roller skating! :) i spent ALL of my bday money (sixth grade)...on a rockin' custom pair of skates:
tan nike tennis shoes mounted on four yellowwheels.
there are so many songs i hear today that make me think of those skating days! (knock three times, dizzy, pink floyd's the wall, etc)...ah, those were the days. oh, i just remembered the shiny satin jackets we wore, too! LOL

roz said...

This is so TOTALLY cute.
I want that puppy!

janee said...

Thanks, Roz. :-)