Thursday, January 17, 2008


Looking back
I had some nice firsts last year - illustrating my first picture books and my first story for Ladybug magazine, went to the NY SCBWI conference for the first time, and lined up four more books to illustrate. It was a very challenging year professionally and personally. Like my buddy Janee, support from good friends and a beautiful family helped keep me in the saddle. Love them all!

Looking ahead
I'm very tickled to be in the middle of illustrating two books right now. My creative goal this year is to keep it fresh, keep growing, refining, improving, and expanding my art. Just to keep looking.


Kristi Valiant said...

Patrice, are you going to the NY SCBWI conference in a few weeks? It'll be my first time going and I'm excited. Congrats on your books!

patrice said...

Hi Kristi,
Unfortunately I won't be going this year. You have much to look forward to, it's a blast!

Thanks for the congrats!