Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Looking Back/Ahead

Here are snippets from my favorite assignments last year.

Looking ahead , I plan to do at least one new illustration for my portfolio a month. That will give me 12 new pieces and that excites me!


Kate said...

What a fun and cheery montage!

I did something similar last March when I promised myself to participate in Illustration Friday every week I could possibly participate. I ended up fillng my portfolio nicely. Not all my illustrations made it into my portfolio, but there were certainly some winners, the challenge stretched me creatively, and I ended up with some fresh work and a consistent style in my whimsical portfolio. While I want to continue to participate in IF this year, I also now see where I need to round out my portfolio....mostly with holiday themes and school days themes.

roz said...

That's where I am too. I can see holes in my port that I need to fill so I'm trying to goal myself with that this year and hopefully create pieces that I'm happy with.

scribblesk said...

What an amalgam of fuzzy wonderfulness!