Friday, January 11, 2008

August - Anette Heiberg

Here is Anette Heiberg's charming entry!!

This is a calendar page for August. I love that month because the weather is warm, but not too hot - and there's flowers everywhere. And because it's usually a pretty relaxing month.


roz said...

I really adore your acrylic work, Annette!
Glad you participated!

janee said...

Love this illustration, Anette! I'm with Roz, your acrylic work is fantastic!

Rachelle Anne Miller said...

This is so wonderful! The colours are so beautiful and vibrant!

patrice said...

Love the perspective of this piece, Anette! Also your sunny palette. It goes so well with your cheery characters!

princesstomato said...

i'm with janee and roz, annette! these vibrant colors are really appealing!