Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekly Theme: "At Home"

For the next few weeks, I'm illustrating a book for Free Spirit Press. The story follows the same little boy all the way through, so I'm working hard on keeping his look consistent. This is my dining table at the moment--15 spreads, all scattered around. I don't normally like to work in this "assembly line" fashion, but he is the central focus, there are no clothing changes, and he's got to look identical from page to page.

As my son would say, "what a mess"!


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Hi Laura, how wonderful! What a wonderful mess :o)
I guess thats the way to go if you have to have him the same in all the pages. How fun :o)
Also wanted to comment on your IF piece. Its great!! :o) I coudn't find a way to leave a comment on the link you have on IF, but I wanted to let you know that is beautiful.

Laura said...

Thanks Alicia, very much! I don't have a personal blog anymore, so I have to post my IF contributions to my website. I wish I could put a comment form on there. But thanks very much for the kind words!