Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kitty At Home... Drinking Coffee

This is a vignette that is part of a larger illustration which I created for a greeting card.

The larger greeting card image is below. Yes, it is a bit on the quirky side...but what can I say!? You would think I LOVE coffee!! Up until recently, I did (and a lifer, at that - -albeit decaf for the past ten years or so).

Believe it or not, I recently quit drinking coffee. It was not a decision based on a conscious effort to give it up, but rather, my biology made the decision for me -- I simply (and strangely!) lost the taste for it. This outrageous, otherworldly happenstance occured right before I was officially diagnosed with hypothyroidism, so I can't help but assume that my new direction has something to do with physical chemistry. Who really knows... but I *can* tell you this: I have since been avidly rediscovering the wonderful world of TEA! :)

(please click to enlarge)

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