Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ThingsThat Haunt Me

Here's a doozy that all you mom's and 'fur moms' can relate to: the fear of your precious pooches ever getting released from their leash , um, prematurely.

It happened to me once a few years ago with Daisy (one of my pug girls) right as I was taking them out for a walk. I was lucky to have a neighbor who quickly sprang into action on my behalf and helped me wrangle her back to safety, but it was a scare!! I do live on a residential street, but it is a CITY residential street, and a very busy one at that! The chances of Daisy running out into the street and getting hit by a car were quite good! So we are lucky. We've moved on but not without learning a big lesson: we are now EXTRA extra careful when leashing the girls for their walks.


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Hi Kathy. I remember these two characters from before :o)
I know what you mean...I'm also really scared of that happening to me. If my whippet ever got away I fear I would never see her again. Whippets run like the wind.. specially if she's after a cat.
They are too precious, aren't they :o)

Eric Orchard said...

Fabulous drawing. I want a pug.