Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekly Theme: "Doodling"

I am a compulsive "doodler". I'll use a pencil, pen, computer, anything. So many of these end up in a file or trash can, but sometimes, I happen upon one that I'd like to expand into a painting. I think it keeps my mind and hands active, and you never know when you'll draw something worth keeping. I just took a long road trip, and it was nice to sit in the passenger's seat and doodle away at the scenery out of my window. The hours flew.


Paige Keiser said...

I wish two things: 1. that my sketches and doodling looked this good, and 2. that I could draw or read in the car without getting sick!

Miss Paula said...

Oh my! The girl you doodled is something I would frame. Oh how I long to be able to draw! You are very talented and thanks for your site. I love to visit!

Laura said...

Thanks Paige and Paula, very much!