Saturday, August 18, 2007


What would you look like as a toy? It's a question that's been answered in our house. This little duck travels on the dashboard of our SUV. He helps take the edge off of road rage.

Okay, so enough of that. When I want to feel like a kid again, nothing does it better than a brand new sketchbook!

My buddy Leeza designed one for illustrators. You can find it on her website, It has a mixture of blank, lined and half-lined pages along with enough thumbnail boxes to sketch out 3 picture books.

Need to tap into that inner child? One of my favorite activity books is Keri Smith's Living Out Loud. It's chock-full of ideas to get you acting like a kid again, inspire new ideas and bust out of everyday life.


CCW said...

Oh, man. That's not fair. Here I was, minding my own business, just trawling around the Internet looking for children's illustrators to put in my directory, and wham! There it was. A new notebook. Devilishly clever. Shiny.

It called to me.

LOL, I think the Think.Jot.Draw is a marvelous new toy! Can't wait to get my order. (I ordered two. *grin*)

Heather Powers said...

i know, I had to have one as soon as I saw it too!

it's great for illustrator, writers or doodlers of any kind.