Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Theme: Sweet Treats

My "Sweet treats" came to me via a moving box that my parents brought me last week. They are in the process of moving here (Nevada) and they came across a bunch of my childhood books while they were packing.
When I opened the box and how I was immediately transported to another place and time. I won't bore you with ALL of them. Here are just a few. Most were published in the early 60's & 70's...

"Dandelion Books". Oh, how I loved these. On one side you'd have one story then flippo, presto change-o ,you'd have a second story on the other side!

My first "Mother Goose" book. I'll have to share interior spreads in another post some time because the vintage illustrations are delightful.

I guess this was the british equivalent to "Madeline". Same sort of illustrations and writing format.

I bet you all didn't know that I spoke fluent German as a toddler? Yes, I really did. I can still feel myself speaking it and knowing that it felt "normal".

My mum is from England so I spent many summers there. I always looked forward to being able to watch Tony Hart on the 'teli' when we arrived. I collected his books to take back to the 'states'. I ADORED this man and all the fun projects he'd teach.

Thanks for indulging my stroll down memory lane!


tlc illustration said...

No kidding!? Engish mother, and German-speaking toddler? How very European you sound! :-)

I have a number of those Dandelion books too. (Plus any number of VERY old Golden Books that are engraved on my earliest childhood memories!)

roz said...

Hi Tara,
Yes, pretty European. Add a dad from the Southern part of the U.S and you have a very mixed up child!