Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Favorite Assignment

My favorite assignment wasn't for a client, but for a class. But not just any class, a master class with Tomie DePaola. So it may have some sentimental value, I mean Tomie DePaola! I also love it because it was the first piece I printed in brown ink which soften my work and opened up some possibilities.

Laura and I both must come from a lost long family of country bunnies. : )


paula said...

Wow...I love this in brown ink, Heather! I've always loved your style. : )

Mariah DeMarco said...

OHMYGoodnes!!!! You took a class with Tomie DePaola!!!! Wow! I dont think I'd be able to function at all! When I was little there was this 2 or 3 minute bit with him drawing on Barney and he just drew a character on a big white piece of paper so confidently and it was so magical to me... I love his work! *so jealous* of you!

Your work here is fabulous! I love the brown ink! Thank you for sharing! :D