Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekly Theme: “Do’s and Don’ts”

I usually DON'T attempt to tell anyone what to DO (ha). This is purely introspective on my part, as an illustrator.

DO try to get some sleep.
DO send out postcards.
DO paint or draw every day, if you can.
DO read lots and lots of children’s books. (this might be most important)
DO be persistent.
DO experiment.
DO love what you do.

DON’T bite off more than you can chew, project-wise.
DON’T let a “block” get you down—paint through it.
DON’T get too discouraged.
DON’T have that 3rd glass of wine and try to keep working…(trust me)
DON’T give up.

Now, DO as I SAY, not as I DO. I’m still trying to follow some of these myself!

DO check out this illustrator, Sebastien Braun. He is one of my favorites.

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